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5 Common Web Hosting Mistakes

5 Common Web Hosting Mistakes

Today we are going to look at 5 common web hosting mistakes. Mistakes aren’t necessarily a nasty thing, but if you’ll learn from other people’s mistakes it can prevent from having to affect them yourself.

When it involves web hosting, there are basically two sorts of mistakes – technical and general business.
Technical mistakes usually come up due to a misunderstanding of the web and the way it actually works.

General web hosting mistakes

The first mistake many of us make when creating a site is to cram the maximum amount of information and images, etc. on each page.
This makes the site take longer to download. Resulting in many visitors just moving on and never actually visiting your blog . It also makes it harder to seek out what they’re trying to find if the page is unorganized. You can use a smart page bulder like Ipage to optimize your web site or blog.
Another common error is creating an internet site that may not program friendly. If the search engines can’t determine what your site is about. They are not going to send you people that are searching for what you have to offer.

Other common web hosting mistakes that a lot of people make when starting out. Is to settle on free or very cheap hosting with no research. This is obviously a crucial factor, especially within the beginning. But if you select the most cost effective host to start . You will be limited in your scalability because the website grows in popularity and traffic. Top rated web hosting providers in todays hosting market does not cost an arm and a leg.
On the business side of things, the foremost common mistake is trying to be everything to everyone. You should have an idea for your website – a purpose for its existence – and build consistent with that. 

Choose your target market and stick with it.

Advertise in places they would see. Market in ways in which would be of interest to them. Resist the urge to diversify into other areas simply because something catches your eye. A site that tries to try to to everything usually finishes up achieving nothing.
Another common business mistake is following the competition’s lead. You’ll obviously want to stay an eye fixed on them to ascertain what they’re up to. But if you copy everything they are doing you will always be one step behind.
Use your creativity and envoke unique ways to stand out from the remainder of the websites in your market.

Common web design mistakes

  • To many images that are not correctly optimized, making your site load slow.
  • Pages not mobile optimized.
  • Poor colour choices for site theme.
  • Broken links
  • Overuse of fancy fonts
  • Not updating your site on a regular basis

Most of these problems can be easily fixed , especially if you are using wordpress. WordPress content management is a tool that simplifies managing your website. Basically you do not have to know anything about programming.