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what is reseller hosting

What Is Reseller Hosting ? – Getting Started

what is reseller hosting

Due to the fact that web development and designing are in such high demand (since every single business requires a website), the market is flourishing inside the web hosting arena especially in the field of reseller hosting. So in this article we will explain in details what is reseller hosting.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are leveraging on this expansion potential by launching their own unique reseller hosting company to either increase or produce a full-income stream into their brand. It is getting well-adopted due to its low initial expense and in general, simpleness to get started.

  • Reseller Hosting Is An Opportunity For Web Designer To Create Another Revenue Stream

Are you presently a web designer and seeking to place another revenue stream to your company? Or perhaps you happen to be in search of strategies to make money online and interested to know what is actually reseller hosting and just how you can turn this right into an income opportunity?

When folks hear the concept of a “reseller hosting” it’s typically fulfilled with stares of misunderstandings. To make it much easier to figure out, this post provides some of the most commonly asked questions in regards to this type of web hosting.

Offering a web hosting service to your customers is usually the main objective of a web hosting business. Nevertheless, with reseller hosting, you then become the host and you will bill your customer.

Precisely What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a solution available with a web hosting company that allows a person or small business to offer for sale web hosting services having their own personal label. If you are a web designer, developer, or just somebody with dreams of acquiring your own web hosting venture, reseller hosting provides you with a chance to generate income in the industry of hosting websites.

The benefit of using reseller hosting is actually you do not have to maintain the hardware or hosting software program yourself. You pick the type of solutions you offer and exactly how much you would like to charge.

Depending on the degree of reseller hosting that you select, you can give a web hosting service that can be designed for your client base.

Reseller web host is an alternative that involves one company (a hosting provider) renting hard disk drive storage space and bandwidth to another provider ( you ). You then rent the space to 3rd parties entrepreneurs-small businesses.

To put it simply, reseller hosting is definitely the capability to provide hosting to your own customers just like you yourself ended up being the web hosting company. This is common for ambitious business people who want to begin their own unique web hosting company or for current web developers and designers who wish to add extra services to their brand

How Exactly Does Reseller Hosting Work In Nutshell?

Below are the (perhaps over-simplified) procedure for building a reseller business:

1) A study and choose a hosting company

2) Buy the reseller plan just that fulfills the goals and objectives of your venture

3) Find out and figure out your target audience to locate your own clients

4) Make your own personal branded web host offers

5) Determine your selling price

6) Easily sell hosting packages to all your customers

7) Make revenue

Once you sign up for a plan, you can then make accounts for your clients via your administrator’s account. Your client will only observe their account user interface and you will definitely have the choices to control them as if you were the actual web host.

You can also label the user interface so that your own personal company logo will appear in the account interfaces. When you find a good reseller host, be sure that they have a white label feature. This way you are able to customize the service to ensure that it’s connected with you and not your reseller web host

What Are The Gains That I Can Make From Reseller Hosting?

  • Benefiting from reseller hosting gives huge perks to your new or existing brand. As being a reseller you are going to:
  • Get to act as a web host – generate income hosting and creating internet sites
  • Very easily make revenue
  • Design and style your own hosting packages and plans that are focused on your own business and customers
  • Host and bill your clients making use of your exclusive brand
  • Make independent cPanel control panels per each of your customers
  • Save money with low start-up fees with the possibility to upgrade afterwards

Can I Become An Entrepreneur And Make Money With This?

Reseller packages are designed for you to earn income and are usually the most affordable and simplest way to start a web host venture. By utilizing one control panel, you can establish, manage, and operate the back-end of sites and emails.

More and more customers may not have the experience or qualifications in this region and will be totally dependent on you for set up and become their service…allowing you, the reseller, to bill a little more for this hands-on type of support.

Having said that, as the web hosting company deals with the web servers, your attention is the profits and taking care of your hosting clients. This is a simple way to start making cash from your web hosting venture immediately.

However,as with any business, you should create your business plan. Research your target audience, and execute a good solid marketing strategy to gain potential customers.

How Can You Generate Income As A Reseller?

When you are in the business of web hosting, you’re essentially earning money from monthly subscriptions to host websites. You can also provide services such as web development, domain name registration, and website management. Whatever you charge and the solutions that you provide would be your decision.

How Can I Begin My Own Business Reselling Online Hosting?

First of all, it is advisable to sit down and write out an excellent business plan. Create a plan that can assist you not only to arrange how your business functions, but also how it will flourish.

Then analyze the marketplace for the reseller hosting that best suits your requirements. Ensure that what you select fulfills the requirements of your targeted customers.

After you have selected your reseller hosting service and you have subscribed. Then you can certainly start labeling it to match your venture personality. You should also spend some time understanding the product that you will be offering to your members.

You may also have to set up your maintenance software program so you will be ready to control your clients. When you happen to be all set with your arrangements, after that you’re in a position to begin reselling your web host space.

It’s also simple to just sign up for a reseller hosting package and begin to sell space to prospective webmasters. Although not knowing what your business presents and the solutions that you’re going to offer. Is a good way to lose your clients in a snap and perhaps end your companies business.

What’s Covered By A Reseller Plan?

Here are a few of the regular aspects frequently covered by Reseller plans and a quick link to research top reseller hosts.

  • Disc Storage space
  • Bandwidth
  • Domain Hosting
  • Capability to brand your own online hosting firm with all the hosting provider company anonymous to your customer (also known as “white label”)
  • Most up-to-date cPanel control panel
  • Control your own packages and set up different accounts data depending on your requirements
  • Pass on main features to your own customers such as mailbox, control panel, extra scripts, and monitoring applications
  • Premium help and support (usually 24/7) provided by hosting service provider

Will My Customers Be Aware It’s Me … Or My Hosting Company?

They’ll believe that it’s you! You see, you can run your own web host venture through your banner and brand and without your customers recognizing who your actual upstream hosting service provider is. This provides you 100 % control in marketing your business with your brand written all across it!

Do I Need To Be A Hosting Expert To Suceed At This?

Nope. Your service provider will deal with all the backend, “dirty” work so that you can concentrate on establishing your business. Server platform, connectivity, network facilities, hardware installation and management, security, and upgrades for your machines are all dealt with by your web hosting provider. It’s a good plan to check into this stuff as you do your due diligence to ensure that you will get the best tech help and support if particular concerns arise…and they doubtless will.

  • In The Event That My Business Expands, Can I Upgrade At Any Point?

Absolutely…you can easily upgrade your reseller hosting account at any given time to enlarge with the demands of your venture.

  • Just How Do I Start Out?

The building blocks to your achievement will lie in choosing a great reseller web hosting provider like Hostpapa.com . One that not only matches the goals of your venture. But can also give you consistent, trustworthy service and support. Afterall it is your name on the brand when dealing with your clients. Choose wisely…which leads to the final FAQ…

  • How Can I Select The Right Hosting Provider?

It is crucial to offer your cilents the best possible web hosting experience, before expanding your services. Below are just some attributes to bear in mind when looking for your reseller web hosting solutions:

  • Simple to use cPanel
  • A minimum 1 site builder
  • Satisfaction warranty
  • Independent nameservers
  • Brandable customer panel
  • 24/7/365 impeccable help and support
  • A 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Completely managed solutions

Reseller Hosting Seems Like A Thing I Wish To Try. How Do I Begin?

Maybe you have an interest in web hosting and want a simple, easy and affordable way to start your business and get advertising campaigns to prospective clients. Maybe you are in a related market and want solutions to better serve your own clients . Or make your small business an all-inclusive web services company. Despite the causes of attempting to run your own web hosting business, you need to know how to begin. Merely check out this article about my reseller hosting service provider recommendation www.BlueHost.com


No matter what the reason behind your search for what is reseller hosting? We put together frequently asked questions concerning reseller hosting and how you can convert that into an extra cash flow. Just do your research before you start this business and you can save you a lot of money and time.

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